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This is a project to provide some simple metrics for the development community of GNOME. This website is open source.

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Merge requests in need of attention

This is a list of first-contribution merge requests that have been open for a week or more with no feedback.

The list is sometimes posted as a review-request on the GNOME Discourse forum.

gupnp-igd - add JavaScript example

Opened: Feb 14
Author: sonny

GNOME Tweaks - CssProvider.load_from_data takes bytes, not string

Opened: Apr 03 2020 (updated Feb 13)
Author: GrbavaCigla

gtk - Improve FileChooser a11y

Opened: Oct 19 (updated Feb 12)
Author: ydirson

gtk-doc - Add optional dark theme

Opened: Feb 10
Author: vitaly-zdanevich

nautilus-python - nautilus-python-object.c: Remove the extra reference on the PyObject file wrappers when adding them to a python list.

Opened: Feb 03
Author: miketwebster

caribou - Fix subkey popmenu not showing after being dismissed

Opened: Jan 28
Author: ItzSwirlz

gnome-session - Helpful diagnosis

Opened: Jan 20
Author: HinTak

Settings - Add a propper test sound before resorting to a white noise file

Opened: Dec 24 (updated Jan 05)
Author: tsbatista

planner - Native Language Support

Opened: Oct 29 (updated Jan 03)
Author: ahmed.baizid.0

gnome-photos - Delete Pending Photos on Close

Opened: Jan 02
Author: AbanoubGhadban