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This is a project to provide some simple metrics for the development community of GNOME. This website is open source.

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Merge requests in need of attention

This is a list of first-contribution merge requests that have been open for a week or more with no feedback.

The list is sometimes posted as a review-request on the GNOME Discourse forum.

gtk-doc - Fix parsing of structs (leading whitespace caused parse errors). Closes: #37.

Opened: Jul 20
Author: jas

gThumb - Install the gThumb import desktop file

Opened: Jul 18
Author: brulzki

gmime - Update gmime-header.c

Opened: Jul 17
Author: TNoll

GNOME Tweaks - Draft(?): port to gtk4

Opened: Jun 17
Author: ranchester

gnome-system-monitor - meson: check for necessary tools

Opened: Jul 16
Author: gwagner

libgweather - locations: add city of Koblenz, Germany

Opened: Jul 14
Author: alexhossfeld

evince - Backporting `internal_synctex` option

Opened: Jul 11
Author: jobs-git

gnome-desktop-testing - fix non-literal format string issue with clang

Opened: Jul 09
Author: kraj

libxml2 - Fix parse failure when 4-byte character in UTF-16 BE is split across a chunk

Opened: Jul 08
Author: ddkilzer

GNOME Tweaks - Update po/de.po to fix an obvious typo

Opened: Jul 07
Author: bombus-lapidarius