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This is a project to provide some simple metrics for the development community of GNOME. This website is open source.

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Merge requests in need of attention

This is a list of first-contribution merge requests that have been open for a week or more with no feedback.

The list is sometimes posted as a review-request on the GNOME Discourse forum.

tracker-miners - Tracker miner rss options to list and delete feeds

Opened: Jun 21
Author: azmeuk

libgweather - locations: added haldwani city and pantnagar airport

Opened: Jun 21
Author: rag-hav

fractal - hooks: Fix shebang on pre-commit hook

Opened: Jun 20
Author: jaapschouwenburg

gedit - add the introducing of "+" button at help on Creating new document

Opened: Jun 06 (updated Jun 20)
Author: sujiniku

NetworkManager-openconnect - Support export of User Agent setting in nm-openconnect-editor-plugin

Opened: Jun 19
Author: Binary-Eater

libgweather - Re-organised India based on States in Locations.xml

Opened: Jun 18
Author: nik.s

libgweather - add cities from Upper Silesia metro area

Opened: Jun 17
Author: maclunar

gnome-shell - padOsd: Add support for setting modes for tablet buttons.

Opened: Apr 21 (updated Jun 16)
Author: sobkas

libgweather - Add Marburg, Germany to data/Locations.xml

Opened: Jun 16
Author: com1

GNOME Tweaks - removed libsoup mention

Opened: Jun 15
Author: vancha