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This is a project to provide some simple metrics for the development community of GNOME. This website is open source.

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Merge requests in need of attention

This is a list of first-contribution merge requests that have been open for a week or more with no feedback.

The list is sometimes posted as a review-request on the GNOME Discourse forum.

seahorse-nautilus - Allow building with GnuPG v.2.4.x

Opened: Jan 23
Author: alxpl

NetworkManager-fortisslvpn - service: handle new hints for otp/2fa requests

Opened: Jan 23
Author: skv

Console - primary menu: Rename tooltip to Main Menu

Opened: Jan 22
Author: TheEvilSkeleton

rhythmbox - help: Port to Mallard

Opened: Jan 21
Author: sabriunal

Geary - desktop: Include erroneous spelling e-mail

Opened: Jan 20
Author: Eonfge

pango - [fix] Refrain from walking / freeing `cffaces` if null

Opened: Jan 19
Author: domq

libgweather - locations: [add Serbian airports and major cities]

Opened: Jan 18
Author: av-src

gnome-calculator - Pls remove the old Armenian translation and add the new version. The system...

Opened: Mar 18 2022 (updated Jan 17)
Author: Avag-Sayan

libgweather - Alappuzha, India: Added a new city

Opened: Jan 17
Author: madhavbiju

gdm - fix shutdown signal callback

Opened: Dec 06 (updated Jan 17)
Author: geldkang